2018 National Agility Competition - NSW Junior Handler Team 
  The NSW Agility Committee is proud to announce that in line with the 2018 National Agility Competition being held in Victoria in April 2018, NSW is sending a Junior Handler Team to participate in the Junior Handler Team event.

  Criteria is set out below:


  The Nationals Working Group has advised it will be running a Junior Teams event at the 2018 Agility Nationals.

  The Junior Team event will be run under the same rules as the standard Teams event with the exceptions of:

  • Team will consist of a maximum of 2 handlers and 2 dogs from each State/Territory
  • Both team scores will count. In the event that a Team only has one handler/dog then the average score of all dogs’ results will be used for the missing handler/dog
  • Handlers are to be aged 7 and under 18 as at 11 April 2018.

  It is anticipated that this Event will be run on the day of finals on a 500 Excellent Agility and 500 Excellent Jumping course.
  The course will be adjusted as required for each dog's height (200, 300, 400, 500 or 600).
  To run the event a minimum of 3 Teams is required.

NSW Junior Handler Team Selection event criteria:

  In addition to the criteria set out by the Nationals Working Group of Victoria, the following criteria will be upheld for this event:

1) That Junior Handlers aged 7-12 may compete with Parent/Guardian consent & Parent must be full member of Dogs NSW;

2) Juniors aged 12 - 18 may compete with Parent/Guardian consent & a Junior Membership of Dogs NSW

3) That all participants have the ability to run a dog at the Excellent Level of both Jumping and Agility. 

NSW Junior Handler Team Selection event rules:

  •   Event will consist of 2 Agility and 2 Jumping courses, all run at the Excellent level.
  •   All participants will have one run per course. This is Four runs in total.
  •   ANKC Agility and Jumping rules effective 1st January 2018 will apply.
  •   The best run of Agility and Jumping will be counted. That is, participants will be able to drop one result.
  •   Rankings will be based on the top performance in Agility and Jumping, and the second top performance, and so on, as per the standard Agility and Jumping results as set out by the current rules, going on Time and Faults.
  •   The top two performers, by this method, will be selected as the Junior Handler team.
  •   In the case of a tie, the selection will be made with a Tie-breaker run off between the tied participants. 

  A selection event will be held on Saturday 27th January, 2018, commencing at 6pm. Entries for the selection event can be made online at e-Performance


  Parental consent forms will be supplied via e-mail. Please contact the committee on
nswagilitycommittee@gmail .com

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