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New ANKC Agility Rules / Games Rules effective from the 1st January 2016  (new equipment changes effective 1st January 2016)


Note:  The Agility / Games rules attached to this website, show changes made (highlighted in yellow by Margaret Taylor).

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ANKC GAMES RULES 2016     ( Prior to Snooker Correction )


Rules for the conduct of Snooker Game - Correction by ANKC (17-02-2016)


2.12. The refusal section of the obstacle must be completed prior to a penalty for

        ‘faulting’ the obstacle. A fault will occur if an error is made on an obstacle after it

         has been successfully started. Example, if a dog fails to weave a pole after

         starting correctly, the obstacle has been faulted and is not scored. Another ‘red’

         must be attempted before continuing. In the case where the third ‘red’ has been

         attempted the dog must start the Closing Sequence. A faulted coloured obstacle

         in the Opening Sequence, fails to score for that attempt, however, the obstacle

         remains in play for additional scoring in the Opening and Closing Sequence

         unless the obstacle has been rendered unable to be performed


2.13. The dog should continue to perform the remaining parts of a faulted obstacle in

         the case of combination obstacle and long obstacles. This is primarily to ensure

         that a dog is not called off an obstacle at the risk of injury/safety or in an attempt

         to gain a time advantage. Where a dog mounts the dog walk and misses the

         colour up it has faulted the obstacle and cannot score. The dog must be taken to

         the other end of the obstacle to dismount safely. Handlers will be penalised if they

         call the dog off the dog walk regardless of their apparent purpose. All parts of a

         Combination obstacle must be completed, with or without fault.


2.14. Any performance that is considered unsafe will result in the dog and handler

        being disqualified.


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Due to the huge difference in scribing at Agility Trials, the Dogs NSW Agility Committee has put together a

How to Scribe Instructions on manually Scribing for Agility, Jumping, Gamblers and Snooker, it is recommended

that a copy be given in advance to Trial Scribe.


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