(Committee Notices April 2013)

Agility Judges Committee  (NSW)


2013 Agility Judges Training Scheme - Expressions of Interest.


Eligibility for Admission to the Agility Judges Training Scheme.


The minimum requirements to be eligible for admission to the Agility Judges Training Scheme, are as follows:-

1.    be and have been for at least three (3) years a financial member of Dogs NSW OR of another canine controlling body.

2.   be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

           3.  be a resident of New South Wales.
               4.  have personally trained and trlaled a dog to Agility Dog (AD) Title and supply full details thereof to
                    the Board of Directors.

               Levels applicable are as follows:-
               *   Agility:    Novice  / Masters / Excellent / Open
               *   Jumping: Novice  / Masters / Excellent / Open
               *   Games:   Strategic Pair:  Novice / Excellent / Masters
                                  Snooker:          Novice / Excellent / Masters
                                  Gamblers:        Novice / Excellent / Masters

              Expressions of interest should be submitted in writing, for the attention of the Agility Judges Committee,
              to Dogs NSW Office,  PO Box 632, St Marys  NSW   1790 or by email to infor@dogsnsw.org.au





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