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NSW State Team Selection criteria

The Dogs NSW Agility Committee has determined the criteria to select the NSW Agility Team members to represent NSW in the NATIONAL AGILITY
TEAM EVENT to be conducted in Victoria, April 2018 to be:-

   1.   Handlers & Dogs MUST Nominate on the approved form of their intention to complete in the NSW Team Selection rounds and these forms are to
         be submitted to Dogs NSW Agility Committee prior to the first round.

    2.  Titles - Minimum requirement for dogs are ADX + JDX

   3.   Handler-dog teams must compete in both (ADM + JDM) classes at a minimum of four (4) selection trials (except if Judging or Bitch
         is in season or whelping- see note). 

   4.   NSW State Team will comprise five handler-dog teams plus one reserve team - The Dogs NSW Agility Committee will select one WILD Card
         entry from the 2017 Festival of Agility Dog of the Year Finals this will be the Best combined scores for both Agility & Jumping.

   5.   Scoring- Results will be taken from both ADM and JDM classes (see notes below). Handler & Dog must complete 4 selections trials at minimum
         if 5 or more selection trials completed than the worst score will be dropped.

Note. After having entered a selection trial, withdrawal from ADM and/or JDM Class will attract DQ equivalent point scores, unless a valid written explanation received by Agility Committee.

5a.   Team positions determined by:- 1) Disqualification Average; 2) Fault Average; 3) Score Average after eligibility check

Selection Trials are: -

08 July 2017 - Manly & District Kennel & Dog Training Club

22 July 2017 - Coffs Harbour Dog Training Club

        06 Aug 2017 - Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club

        19 Aug 2017 - Newcastle All Breeds Dog Training Club

        9/10 Sept 2017 - Festival of Agility

        14/15 Oct 2017 - Armidale Dog Training Club

        28/29 Oct 2017 - Agility Dog Club of NSW


Note to Judges unable to compete at a team selection trial(s) due to judging commitments. Please email

the Agility Committee in advance with alternate trial(s) where you will compete in ADM and JDM classes.

29 October 2017 latest trial allowed.


Note for Bitches in Season or whelping: If your bitch is unable to complete in one or two of the selection rounds due to being in Season or Whelping, you can nominate up to 2 alternative trials where you can compete in ADM or JDM classes the latest trial allowed for alternative trials is 29 October 2017.


Scoring per ADM and JDM class:

  • ADM clear round: Score = (SCT subtract Course time) e.g. SCT 60s, Course Time 46.65s. Score 13.35
  • JDM clear round: Score = (SCT subtract Course time) x2 e.g. SCT 40s, Course Time 34.65s. Score 10.70
  • Round with faults: Score = negative Total Faults e.g. 15 Total Faults. Score = -15
  • 3 Refusals = 1 DQ; Score = - 50
  • DQ or 3 Refusals= DQ: Score = - 50

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